Meet the mind behind Freckle, A.M. Bonner, Instructional Designer and Online Trainer. Born with an eye for visual expression and the ability to communicate ideas, A.M. knows how to perceive your intention and deliver your meaning. A.M. explores traditional themes but adds a vanguard twist to make them more dynamic.

Having traveled the world in pursuit of cultural knowledge and its exchange, A.M. knows how to reach an international market. Understanding the mindset and perception of other cultures gives her the edge in getting results. Take a sneak peek at her Portfolio to see if anything strikes your fancy.

With an NC Standard Professional II Teaching License, A.M. is highly qualified to administer workplace tests, career placement, and language assessments. To contract her creative services, email

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    1. Hi, Camille! Any funds donated to charity go to Thorn or Thank you for your interest in We appreciate your support. Please let me know what kind of content you are interested in seeing.



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