Life Is About Living

It’s Not Always About Work

Life is meant to be lived. It’s too short to work to death. There has to be a balance between work and play in order to keep the body healthy. Taking a holistic approach to living means healing the whole being, that is, mind, body, and soul.

If the mind and soul are plagued with depression, anxiety, and stress, the body will suffer. The immune system weakens and becomes susceptible to invasion. Stress, for instance, can attribute to higher rates of depression and anxiety, according to WebMD.Com. Stress is a real killer and can cause premature aging and even death.

Creating that balance is key to living a long and happy live. But how can that balance be struck? First, rid yourself of negativity and worry. Know that everything works out for the best. Second, bring peace and calmness to your life by taking time to meditate or be close to God.Third, keep the body healthy by exercising and eating from the various food groups. Consuming small meals throughout the day is much better because it keeps the digestive tract working. Socializing is also a key factor in living life holistically. When we are around like mind and spirit, we feel enriched. So, take time to Zoom or Facetime friends and family.

When stressful situations arise, step back and detach. Don’t get entangled or caught up in the moment. Rather, walk away, take a deep breath, and know that destiny will take its course. Infusing your day with an herbal tea break will not only relax you but also provide clarity. Life is meant to be lived … to enjoy the moment … to laugh and love … to create that perfect balance that only a holistic approach can bring.