Biometric ID.me

Snags, Glitches, and Frustration

If you’re pinching pennies to survive and receiving benefits from unemployment insurance (UI) or Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC), then you can relate to this article. If you’ve been given a link to identify your identity with Biometric ID.me and encountered difficulties, well join the club!

Being a part of that club, I experienced frustration and stress, particularly when trying to enter a document to verify my identity. Based on my interface with Biometric ID.me’s platform, I can honestly say that it is not user-friendly, and it is slow. The system seems to be overloaded and cannot handle the capacity. Biometric ID.me does apologize for the slowness of its interface. Nonetheless, it would be less frustrating if it could find a way to boost its capacity.

For instance, when trying to upload a document, such as a driver’s license, the system did not allow me to upload from a computer. It only allowed to take a photo with a device, like a cell phone. After pointing out that the upload from a computer was not working, Biometric ID.me’s customer service representative corrected the snag.

As for help.id.me, the site reads, “If your online identity verification was unsuccessful, you’ll be routed to our Trusted Referee Verification option.” However, I was never routed to the Trusted Referee Verification option. Rather, I was only given the option to try another document or picture.

My frustration worsened because I had a 14-day window to complete the identification process or my PEUC benefits would be suspended or possibly denied. I didn’t quite understand why I had to do this because I had already been approved and was receiving PEUC benefit payments.

Nonetheless, I kept trying to enter my document, but it was to no avail. At this point, I’m frantic because my 14-day window is slowly dissipating, and the Live Chat option was defunct. The system just kept looping me.

Going into Biometric ID.me seems like another hurdle to cross . . . a new initiative presented by the employment commission. I can understand the need for such a facial-recognition system, especially with identity fraud running rampant. I only wish, however, that Biometric ID.me could be faster and more user-friendly. I pity those who are not tech savvy or who are illiterate. What are they to do, particularly when the Live Chat button is defunct? At least, it was for me. When chatting with a friend, he too confirmed the difficulties previously mentioned.