Brutality is unacceptable!

I was appalled and horrified when reading about Border Patrol agents on horseback using lariats on Haitian refugees. When I saw the footage yesterday on CBS News, I thought, how absurd and inhumane! Have we, as a society, turned into barbarians? Have we lost all compassion for human suffering and displacement?

Please don’t misunderstand me; I’m not condoning illegal immigration, but must we succumb to brutality? Absolutely not! No one needs in their moment of desperation to be whipped or beaten because global climate change is the root of their migration. It’s only human nature to seek better conditions in order to survive and thrive.

Like all refugees, the Haitians have already gone through perilous conditions to reach the shore of what they’d had hoped to be a better place. Only to find, to their dismay, that they’re met with aggression, hostility, and get the “f-out-of-our-country” attitude. Is this the perception we want America to project? I should hope not, but unfortunately, damage has already been done.

There was some consolation, however, when Homeland Security announced that its agency will not tolerate abuse of migrants. U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office of Professional Responsibility alerted that its agency will conduct an investigation. That’s good to hear, but will this end the problem. No, the problem is deep rooted.

To exemplify, when the Haitians started pouring in at Del Rio, Texas, they should have been processed. That is, they should have been finger printed, photographed and undergone facial recognition, and given an ID number for tracking purposes. The national guard should have been called in to support Custom and Border Patrol.

Make shift tents should have been set up to house the refugees temporarily rather than leaving them in 100-degree heat. Local churches, community organizations, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) should have been called in to support the effort in getting these Haitians new repatriation. New repatriation doesn’t necessarily mean in the US. Naturally, it would only be humane for the US to accept some placement. Because our world is interdependent, we must all carry the burden. It’s our duty as global citizens.

It is evident that our nation has lost sight of what America truly represents. In losing sight, confusion has evolved, and it has led to chaos and disorganization.