I used to take weekend trips before COVID-19. I would hop in the car and just take off to visit friends in another State. I recall spending a lovely afternoon with a dear friend at a polo match and lazying around at an outdoor cafe sipping Arnold Palmers.

We enjoyed watching the people as they went by, letting the time slip into sunset. Then, we’d get a bite to eat at one of the quaint restaurants that served delicious seafood. And in the evening, we’d have an after dinner drink and dance the night away. Oh, how fun it was!

On another occasion, I went to visit a friend in Virginia who ran a B&B. She and I pleasantly conversed while sipping on a glass of wine from her vineyard. In the late afternoon we would have tea with scones or some banana bread that she baked. Oh, how I missed those days!

Symphonies, Broadway plays, and outdoor concerts seem to be a thing of the past. Just sitting at a Barnes & Noble flipping through a magazine and sipping on a latte is of a time gone by. All I have now are memories and desires for them to return.