The Scare : A Living Documentary

By Editor in Chief

Posted Mar 14, 2020 12:27 AM

COVID-19 is the name given to the Coronavirus by the World Health Organization (WHO). It can be traced to Wuhan, China, where 266 people contracted the virus. The first case was detected on November 17, 2019, but the Chinese government tried to conceal its outbreak. So, it could’ve been around way before then.

Knowing that viruses mutate, COVID-19 is believed to be a mutation of SARS and MERS. It has been deemed a pandemic because of its rapid spread around the world. Johns Hopkins University Map maintains up to date info on COVID-19, such as confirmed cases and the death toll.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), influenza has killed more people than COVID-19. Yet, COVID-19 seems to have everybody shaking, even to the point that it has been declared a National State of Emergency. Billionaires like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and others have pledged billions on finding a cure. President Trump is advocating for $50 billion in federal resources to fight this deadly virus.

People are beginning to panic, as supermarket shelves are being emptied faster than they are filled. Universities have shut down and ordered classes to be online. Public schools are following suit. Travel bans on incoming flights from Europe have been put in place. Stores are shutting their doors because of government mandates. The stock market plunged, and the interdependence of the world’s economy is on shaky ground. Countries are closing their borders in hope of containing the virus.

Is history repeating itself? It certainly coincides with the 1918 Spanish Influenza Pandemic, when schools shut down, people wore masks, and restrictions were placed on business.

According to Wikipedia.Org., The Spanish Flu, which stemmed from an H1N1 Virus, lasted from “January 1918 to December 1920, it infected 500 million people – about a quarter of the world’s population at the time. The death toll is estimated to have been anywhere from 17 million to 50 million, and possibly as high as 100 million, making it one of the deadliest pandemics in human history.”

Will COVID-19 be as catastrophic as The Spanish Flu of 1918? Let’s hope not. But the best rule of thumb is not to take chances. Wear a mask, gloves, and social distance. Keeping in close communication with your State Representative wouldn’t hurt, either. It helps to better understand how one’s civil liberty is and will be affected by COVID-19. It is important to maintain a voice … to work together so we can resume our lives to some kind of normality. Let’s hope that a cure is found fairly quickly and that we can return to the way we were.

Living in the Wake of COVID-19

By Editor in Chief

Posted April 9, 2020 8:22 PM

Since posting “The Scare,” a lot has changed. The death toll has risen. Click to view Johns Hopkins University Map. The world went into lockdown to curb the spread of the virus. Some countries have enacted fines for those being out pass curfew and not in quarantine. Yuliya Talmazan for NBC News reports the following:

  • Saudi Arabia enacted a three-week curfew. Violators are fined $2,777 (10,000 Riyals) for the first infraction and the amount will double for the second and jail time of 20 days for the third.
  • Italy, badly hit by the Coronavirus, is fining violators $222 (€206), and the fine can get stiffer to $3,246 (€3000).
  • Israel is on partial lockdown, and if quarantine is broken, violators face a fine of $1,365 ( 5,000 shekels).
  • France has placed a fine starting at $41 (€38) and can go as high as $1,618 (€1,500) for repeat offenders.

Protective suits for the general public have not been issued, but people are required to wear a mask and gloves when shopping for essentials, such as food. In-home testing kits are still not available. Social distancing when out in public is the norm. Crime has been down since people are in lockdown and afraid of contracting the virus.

Hospitals are overwhelmed as there aren’t enough beds, protective gear, and ventilators. New York City has become the epicenter of the virus. Inequality is showing its face, as more underprivileged people are dying because of no medical insurance and preexisting conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension, which makes them vulnerable.

Major chain stores are facing bankruptcy. Pamela Danziger, Senior Contributor for Forbes has gleaned a list of major retailers whose credit rating has gone down.

  • Capri Holdings (Michael Kors, Versace, Jimmy Choo)
  • Dillard’s
  • J.C. Penney
  • Kohl’s
  • Levi Strauss
  • Macy’s
  • Nordstrom
  • Signet (Kay Jewelers, Zales, Jared, Piercing Pagoda)
  • Tapestry (Coach, Kate Spade, Stuart Weitzman)

Russia was testing its boundaries in flying over Alaskan airspace. CNN reports that “US F-22 stealth jets and Canadian CF-18 fighters intercepted two Russian reconnaissance aircraft while they were flying off the Alaskan coast on Monday [March 9th], according to North America Aerospace Defense Command.”

President Trump’s National State of Emergency stimulus package, the biggest in history, went from 50 billion to 2 trillion. Americans who filed their taxes electronically should be seeing a payout from April 9th to April 14th of 2020. For those who did not file electronically, checks should be coming after April 24th.

The major hoopla now is the reopening of the economy. President Trump wants to reopen the economy on May 1, 2020, but no definitive plan is in order. Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, fears it’s too soon because it may cause another major relapse. Bill Gates speaks out, stating that the economy should not be reopened because the death toll will rise even further and more will be infected.

Dr. Fauci’s worst nightmare came true–COVID cases had spiked. Bill Gates’ cautious approach to not open the economy so soon seemed to have been blown to the wind, as President Trump didn’t take heed. Naturally, the curve didn’t flatten. The Washington Post reports [June 23, 2020 at 11:24 p.m. EDT] that seven states (Arizona, Arkansas, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas) all saw a resurgent in more hospital cases than at the beginning of the pandemic.

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