Hosting Guide

Make Hosting Your Next Lucrative Gig. Earn extra cash in acquiring the skills of being a super host. Laminated cards, videos, PowerPoint slides and Zoom are included to guide you through the process. Great for seniors who want to create cash flow or students in service education programs.

Cultural Scope

Workshops that develop business and diplomatic astuteness, particularly in dealing with multinational clients, governments, and diverse environments. Delivered via Zoom.

Exploring Romantic Fiction

Expand your understanding of the elements of literature, such as character analysis, setting, plot, conflict, point of view, and motif.

Explore the classics, like Sons and Lovers and The Mill on the Floss as well as contemporary romantic fiction.

Engage in lively discussions via Zoom. Build interpersonal communication and enhance ESL skills.

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Alternative Assessment: E-Portfolio

An electronic portfolio is an excellent means of assessing competency in content knowledge. It’s great for homeschoolers, traditional students, and employees. Click to view an E-portfolio.

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